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Sage 100 Manufacturing

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                                 Sage 100 Manufacturing formerly JobOps




Sage 100 Manufacturing is a comprehensive job management solution module for Sage 100 software, providing an integrated ERP solution that delivers both operational and financial information from a single reliable source. Core functionality of Sage 100 Manufacturing includes core accounting, e-commerce, project accounting, business intelligence tools, CRM, HR, payroll, and wholesale distribution.


Manage complex jobs

Designed for companies that perform services, provide installation, and build products, Sage 100 Manufacturing Manufacturing provides the tools needed to manage complex jobs. Take advantage of increased financial visibility and controls and meet customer demand.


Adapt to change

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” This also holds true in manufacturing, as the businesses who change with the world in terms of their approach, procedures, and processes tend to be the industry leaders.


Sage 100 Manufacturing Become more efficient

Sage 100 Manufacturing improves the flow of information between departments, reducing redundancies and unnecessary paperwork. It also helps eliminate wasted time, effort, and expense by raising awareness of rising labor and material costs.


Real-time business insight

Sage 100 Manufacturing’s Business Insights Explorer allows you to:

  • Get timely, easy-to-use business information in a readily available format
  • Utilize query, reporting, and statistical analysis tools to improve business decisions
  • Improve the flow of crucial information within your organization



Sage 100 Manufacturing allows you to simplify customer estimates, saving you time and effort.

  • Speed up the creation of new quotes by reusing past quotes
  • Create a detailed cost analysis by combining bills of material, labor, routings, and contracted services
  • Automatic update of material costs to reflect recent purchases
  • Easily select options and calculate pricing with JobOps Product Configurator


Sales orders and work tickets

SAge 100 integrates with Sales Order to streamline workflow so all of your job information is in one place.

  • Quickly convert from an approved, detailed quote to a sales order
  • Generate work tickets automatically
  • Check material availability before release
  • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job
  • Product configurator automatically creates configured item’s pricing


Job planning

Proactively monitor the status of your jobs with tools designed to review, refine, and improve estimating and job planning.

  • Verification of quote accuracy before production starts
  • Determine material availability
  • Notify purchasing of shortages
  • Check production schedules
  • Easily track original versus revised estimates



Analyze your supply and demand for jobs so you can purchase the right products and materials at the right time with JobOps Component Exception Manager.

  • Create a dynamic to-do list
  • Consolidate purchasing requirements
  • Purchase recommendations based on reorder points and minimum order quantities
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Optimize cash flow by reducing excess inventory levels


Costing and tracking

Real-time management tools allow you to manage your jobs effectively.

  • Real-time job status and actual costs to date
  • Profit analysis for remaining cost projections
  • Real-time alerts inform you of potential cost overruns while in production

Sage 100 Manufacturing Modules


On top of these features, JobOps offers six add-on modules to help fit your business needs.


Field Service and Dispatch

Designed for companies that require only field service as well as companies that make or install what they service.


Product Configurator

Assists in configuring your customer’s product by asking a series of simple questions.


Enhanced Scheduling

A graphical scheduling tool to help prioritize your job schedule and meet customer demand.


Time Tracker

Collect labor and material usage information in real time.


Data Collector

Quickly and accurately validates and imports both parts and labor transactions into JobOps.


Technician Dashboard

Captures the parts, labor, and expense details of every service call and sending that data to Sage 100.

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