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Sage 100

Sage 100


Sage 100 is a perfect ERP solution for growing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, simplifying your day-to-day business management processes. Heavily focused on inventory, Sage 100 features intelligent reporting, advanced cash flow activities, and a host of fully-customizable automation features designed with your business in mind. Increase your efficiency and productivity with Sage accounting software today!



Sage CRM: Sage 100 Customer Relationship Manager enables you to find new customers, keep in contact with old ones, reduce sales cycles, and build more profitable relationships. Sage CRM allows you to have all of your customer information in one place, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Sage Intelligence: Stay on top of your financials! Sage 100 offers expanded intelligence reporting to reduce data overload and enable you to easily make better financial decisions, increasing your bottom line.

Sage Inventory Advisor: Optimize inventory investment decisions, achieve target fill rates, and reduce forecasting time with Sage 100's Inventory Advisor. Save time and money on inventory today!

Sage Payroll Advisor: Save time and money by running your payroll through Sage 100! See why Sage has the highest payroll retention rates in the industry.

Sage Payments Solutions: Sage can simplify the process of collecting your receivables. Sage Payments Solutions allows you to receive payments from a variety of sources, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal, directly linked to your invoices!

Sage HRMS: Sage HRMS eliminates duplicate data entry by creating a database of all pertinent employee, payroll, and tax information - all in one place! Spend more time hiring and retaining the best talent rather than entering employee data in multiple places.

Sage Fixed Assets: Properly value your fixed assets with Sage Fixed Assets. Offering multiple levels of detail reporting, Sage Fixed Assets can help you assess the value of your assets, assisting in forecasting and planning for the future.



Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers a full line of Sage 100 support, training, and data repair activities. Our certified Sage consultants can assist you with any Sage 100 or Sage 50 issues, including implementation, troubleshooting, and data conversion. Call Accounting Business Solutions by JCS today at 800-475-1047 to get started today!